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Motivation - Change is possible

It is no surprise that the mindset you are in when you sit down at the piano to practice each day will affect how much you learn, and how quickly you learn. What is astonishing is the vast difference in improvement you’ll have over time depending on which of these two mindsets you accept.

To be brief, to have the belief that you have an innate level of intelligence or talent, that cannot be changed, is called having a fixed mindset. To believe that there is a potential for change is a growth mindset.

This is important in piano (and many other things as well!) as your belief in your own intelligence can make a huge difference in how you approach new tasks, whether it be piano or learning how to change a tire. It also has a dramatic effect on how you understand and deal with failures or setbacks.

In the real world, everyone will have times where they adopt a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. It is important that you can catch yourself in times that you adopt a fixed mindset and change.

In a fixed mindset, a mistake is perceived as something to be ashamed of. Someone with a fixed mindset will believe that a mistake reveals to themselves or the world that they do not have a “gift” for music. Effort is in one way or another, perceived as bad, and people with “talent” will not need to put in much effort to achieve success. Even if one believes that they are “good” at music, they will put less effort in learning because they don’t want to show to themselves or others that they are trying too hard. These musicians, although very good at what they do, may fall victim to the all-to-common imposter syndrome.

In a growth mindset, effort is good, and more effort means quicker results. When mistakes are made they are perceived as part of the process. Mistakes signify that there is more to learn, and will enhance motivation.

When adopting a fixed mindset, you will compare yourself to people that you perceive are worse than you, so as to boost your own self-esteem. In a growth mindset however, you are more likely to study those who you perceive are doing better than you and adopt their strategies to improve more quickly. You believe that this is possible. (It is).

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